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For all hair types, especially dry, thirsty, damaged hair

  • Replenish, style and protect

  • Repairs hair from the inside

  • Instant shine with silky feel

  • Protects all hair color and extends blonde brightness

  • Protects against bleach and breakage

  • Repairs, strengthens and protects against color fade

Fortifying Reparative Treatment

    • Jojoba Seed Oil — The most effective instant moisturizer to the hair, rich in Vitamin E and B complex to protect the hair and skin from harsh environmental damage.
    • Creatine — 35% more effective that any protein or keratin on the market at rebuilding the internal tensile strength of the hair especially color treated, foiled and bleached hair types. You can never over-proteinize the hair when using LOMA.
    • Tocopherol — Sunflower based Vitamin E rich in natural anti-oxidants for protection of the hair and skin. Also helps to protect the overlap area when doing foil work!
    • Avocado Seed Oil — Quenches dry thirsty hair and adds strength.
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